About The Shri Brahamananda
Video Archive

This project started in 1981. Today we have over 200 hours of videotape recorded, re-mastered and stored by archivist and long time devotee of Shri Brahmananda, John Parulis, with the treasured support of the Baba Bhagavandas Publication Trust, in Monroe, N.Y. The encoding process is ongoing. As we have more videos from 1987-1989, we will post them on new pages.

The Bridge to the Island at Ananda Ashram
The current project involves encoding & cloud storing the digital versions of these videos for online viewing on all devices. In this way the archive will be preserved for ages, perhaps millennia.

This project is also more than a project. It is about sacred transmission in the mode of ancient ways sometimes called, the Gurukala system. These videos are moving moments of infinite wisdom captured in time and in transcendent space. They are presented as they happened using the technology of the day, unedited for the most part.

There are a number of people to thank who I am deeply grateful to for their kind assistance in making this project happen. If I forgot someone, please don’t hesitate to contact me to be included here:
George Leone, Marvin Suval, Joan Suval, Radha Gaines, Bharati, Alan Morgan, Laura Drewes, Samantha White, Bob D’Ancona, Rita Dumbroth, more.

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With gratitude,

John Parulis

John Parulis top of Denali with Guruji banner